There will be Matthias Hanken`s organ concert

Goethe-Zentrum Baku and Evangelical Lutheran Church present an Organ Concert performed by  Matthias Hanke on 31.10.2019
Matthias Hanke (* 1965 in Kelheim) is the regional church music director of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg.
Already at the age of fourteen, he took over the direction of a church choir and a trombone choir in Kelheim as well as the organ service for three sites. Even before graduating from high school, he passed the D and the C exam for the organ. After studying music education and church music in Bayreuth and Munich, Matthias Hanke took over the management of pre-vocational music education at the Bavarian State School for the Blind in Munich. On April 1, 2016, he joined the Office of the Regional Church Music Director (LKMD) of the Evangelical Church of Württemberg and was succeeded by LKMD Bernhard Reich Hanke undertook regularly with his ensembles concert tours in different countries like Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Poland, France, Spain and Russia.

Thursday, October 31, 7 pm
Venue: Chamber & Organ Music Hall (Kirche)
Address: 28 May Str., 41
Free admission

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