Isfar Sarabski signed contract with “Warner Music Group”

Fotoda (soldan-sağa): Fabian Drebes (Beynəlxalq Direktor), Bernd Dopp (Warner Music Mərkəzi Avropanın CEO-su), İsfar Sarabski, Miho Nishimoto (Klassika və Cazz üzrə Brend Menecer)

One of the names that came to mind in the early 20th century, when exploring the great renaissance of Azerbaijani culture, was Sarabski (Huseynqulu Sarabski). It is interesting that from the beginning of the 21st, this name has become an integral part of our culture again – this time as the epitome of the next Renaissance, the next awakening.

Isfar Sarabski, an Azerbaijani jazz and electronic musician, pianist and electro-mugham, brings a new style to music. His classical and progressive jazz, as well as his electronic experience, have attracted the attention of not only critics and experts, but also of giant music labels. To be more precise, Isfar’s name has been added to the extensive list of Warner Music Group, one of the three leading record companies in the world. Thus, Sarabski became the first Azerbaijani jazz musician to sign a business contract with Warner Music Group.

For the record, please note that Aretha Franklin, Edith Piaf, The Doors, Brad Mehldau, Neil Young, Michael Bublé, Phil Collins, Avishai Cohen, David Guetta, JAZ-Z, Muse, Deep Purple, Bee Gees, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, “Blur”, “Liam Gallagher, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Green Day, Bruno Mars and hundreds of other well-known names.

The contract signed with such a recording giants represents a door that opens new perspectives not only for the musician, who has celebrated his 30th birthday, but also for Azerbaijani music in general.

According to the agreement signed with Warner Music Group, two of Isfar Sarabski’s albums will be released on this label.

The first album will be in the jazz genre. The album is scheduled for June 2020. Two different tracks are expected before the album. Starting in February, Isfar will perform at various festivals and perform in many European cities. On the eve of June 11-12, a musician’s jazz album will be presented in Hamburg.

The second album is in the electronic music genre; the first single will be released in August / September 2020. The second album will be released at the end of 2020.


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