“Shahla Garaeva” Scholarship

Despite progressive legal framework, Azerbaijani women face many obstacles accessing educational opportunities. According to UNDP (2007), stereotypical gender attitudes in education reveal that boys are not only given more opportunities in education, but also they receive higher and better education. When it comes to pursuing educational goals in Azerbaijan, while financial difficulties may affect both genders, girls are viewed as being more vulnerable to both physical and cultural dangers, susceptible to gender stereotypes, and subject to early marriages.


The SGSP is named after Shahla Garayeva (1962-2018), a renowned pedagogue, professor of English language and American literature as well as one of the most talented teachers I have ever known. Shahla lost her life to cancer in April 2018 after a hard-fought battle. Hundreds of her students have known Shahla as a strong spirit, mother figure, passionate educator and most importantly, a friend. I have known Shahla for more than 15 years and have witnessed first-hand how much she has helped her students from diverse backgrounds reach their educational and career goals. Therefore, the funds collected from this campaign will go towards educating women like Shahla who are fighting their way to the top through education in Azerbaijan.


Upon selection, the funds will be transferred to the educational institution of the recipient(s). We aim to award six scholarships in the amount of $700 (totaling $4200, plus transfer fees). If we exceed the initial threshold of $5,000 allocated for scholarships, individual amount of scholarships will be reconsidered accordingly. By expanding women’s access to educational opportunities, we will be able to open up doors to future careers, financial stability in the same way Shahla helped her students. Moreover, we will train minimum six young trainers who will become advocates of women empowerment and raise awareness about domestic violence.

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