taf LAB celebrates 1st year

taf LAB is an electronic music platform created in 2019 in Baku. To date, the team, which has organized 15 events in various underground music genres with the participation of local and foreign artists, is celebrating their 1st anniversary on March 7 with a grand music celebration.
Several musicians were invited to the event. They are Yury Rets, A / DV from Sdvig, “Clinical Hates” from Tbilisi and “Yeahlena” from St. Petersburg.
The event, which will be represented by Hazi Karim, Reef and Cosmodust, will take place at Scalodrome.


Yury Rets – professional DJ, musician, сдвиг project ideologist and founder of the same name parties. He is an original techno adherent. His ultimate goal is to force people to dance. Eternally, he knocked down this challenge through creating the space full of energy sourced by special blend of dynamic rhythms and pure grooves of selected techno.


The young and talented A/DV stands out on the Moscow stage as an independent artist who is not limited to musical styles. She is distinguished by her love of music beyond forms and time. Having sufficient musical baggage of knowledge behind her, she began her career in 2017. During this time she managed to play at the famous venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Inspired by the analog sound of synthesizers and drum machines of the early 90s A/DV combines in her live sets a wide range of timeless techno, acid and electro grooves from deep experimental forms to distinct straight kick sound. In her vinyl collection you can find contemporary and old school techno, acid grooves, electro, industrial, there is also ebm.


Yeahlena – She grew up listening to Dnb radio station at the age of 9,then later jazz and house,funk,soul,dub,90’s hip hop and so on. Currently Jelena started partys in. St.Petersburg, a part of ACE Tone (dub oriented and all kinds of it podcast series and partys in Berlin) and has a regular show on Radio8k.de


“Clinical Hates” is project of DJ/Producer in Industrial/Hard/Experimental Ambient Techno, Member of SCTR Family and also known as an owner and founder of Belieri Records, Label which includes a lot of Georgian Artists. Project was based in 2018 and in this short period had 5 EP album, 3 V/A compilation and 5 podcast out on different foreign labels.

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