Orkhan Aghazadeh’s “The Prisoner” reaches Cannes

Although we are disappointed for the latest events in our country, we are proud to see and present the achievements of creative compatriots around the world. So, filmmaker Orkhan Aghazade`s debut project “The Prisoner” is one of the six international projects selected for Cinéfondation La Residence of Festival de Cannes.

Rasim is arrested for murdering because of his friends’ joke. After release Rasim returned to his village with the intention of living peaceful life, but soon he had to came back to the city with the insistence of representative sent from prison. Although Rasim found himself in a desperate situation and decided to kill himself, the sound of a knock on the door distracted him.

We have previously published articles about Orkhan Agazadeh’s films on our website. Orkhan Agazadeh’s diploma work “The Chairs” was included in the official selection list of the prestigious Angers Premier Plan film festival in France. The 31st festival was held last year from January 25 to February 3 in Angers, France. The film was released on March 31 at the Salaam Cinema in Baku.

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