The Screening of “The Chairs” and “The Ruins of Europe”

Come and discover these emerging directors during the next screening session on March 31th at Salaam cinema.


Orkhan Aghazadeh
20’ Azerbaijan
sub EN


Kerim and Rena were in love, but had to marry other people. Despite the passing of time, their love is now prohibited and dangerous in the society they live in. On the hill where all villagers have to come to use mobile phones, they see each other every week, but can’t display their feelings at all. The only secret way of expressing their love is through lights flashing in the darkness of night.




Screening followed by a Q&A with the director


Ira A. Goryainova
50’ Belgium
sub AZ, EN


In a European Union torn into several pro and contra sides, facing a refugee crisis and at the same time the rise of the right, bombed daily by a plethora of opinions, fast-food newsflashes and a continuous stream of images, a certain group of people resigns and looks at it all from the sidelines. The Ruins of Europe follows a young Parisienne, a real, modern Ophelia/Elektra, as portrayed in Heiner Müller’s apocalyptic play ‘Die Hamletmaschine’ (1977), which forms the path through this unsettling, dark, thought-provoking, meditative trip. The modern-day Ophelia is destructive, yet speaks in a cynical but poetic manner about power, use and abuse… A voice out of the darkest corner of a Europe in a severe mental crisis.




Entrance 3 AZN


Note that during the event the ongoing collective exhibition ‘Hometown weather’ is accecible to visit.


It’s not possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the desk, half an hour before the film starts.

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