Malak Bayramli

Malak Bayramli was born in 1996 in Baku. She graduated from the Film Studies and Criticism faculty of Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts in 2018. At the present she is pursuing photography besides her speciality. She is aware of the visual effect of photography and can artistically improvise on the things she sees with her eyes.

She recently finished her work on the joint project “Red Ribbon” organized by the Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum under the mentorship of Justyna Mielnikiewicz. The project was realized by photographers from the Caucasus: 3 Georgian, 2 Armenian, and 2 Azerbaijani artists. The project is focused on the people’s life strategies in the region.

As a photographer, she has observed the fact that her country is on the crossroads of traditionalism and modernism, and presented this new “period” in her project. The main focus of the project are traditions, and the “red ribbon” – the people she shot are the users of these.

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