Design competition for students

For all students from Azerbaijan universities (+ postgraduate in last 2 years)


Azerbaijan Tourism Board announces competition for local students to design souvenirs and other products for tourists and distribute them as a gifts in “Travel Business Azerbaijan 2020” which will be held in April, 2020 in Baku by Azerbaijan Tourism Board. The aim of the competition is to provide a new creative environment for students and, as a result, to develop a new touristic product.

The participants will be invited to have thematic routes to the regions in pre and post-event time (for more info, please visit


  • 1st place: Certificate, graphics tablet from ATB and 3 or 6 months of internship with the Project’s Design team at ATB
  • 2nd place: Certificate and graphics tablet from ATB
  • 3rd place: Certificate and graphics tablet from ATB

Registration and Submission

All participants should register here by January 12 , 2020:

The initial concept of the product should be sent to Leyla Musayeva ([email protected]) with the title “Souvenir competition” by January 12, 2020.

The prototype of the final product should be delivered to  96E Nizami Street, Landmark I, by February 15, 2020.

Three finalists will be selected and invited for the next steps by March 1, 2020.

The form of delivery

  • Descriptive text
  • Visual information is optional – sketches, renders, models, etc.
  • In pdf/ jpg
  • A4/A3 format


The students will be asked to work on touristic products by using cultural elements of Azerbaijan in their technique.

  • A4 size (maximum)
  • Ecologically thought out
  • Not liquid
  • Up to 2 kg (not fragile, travel friendly)
  • Packaging should be finalized
  • Story (inspiration) of the souvenir


The submitted products will be selected by Design team of the Project based on the following criteria:

  • Products most revealing the essence Azerbaijani culture
  • Innovative, which doesn’t based on used forms towards souvenirs
  • Strong idea, story of the product
  • Submitted on time

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