Faig Ahmed – The top of the mountains / Khinalig Edition

Today in Azerbaijan one of the first names one recalls when it comes to carpet artistry is Faig Ahmed. Faig’s unique aesthetic approach to  carpet has brought the artist a worldwide fame. An artist living in Baku is a graduate of the faculty sculpture of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art. Faig’s work was presented at the Azerbaijani pavilion in 2007 as part of Venice Biennale, and in 2013, he was awarded  Jameel Award of prestigious Victorian and Albert Museum (London, UK), inspired by the visual traditions of Islam. His works can be seen in many museums around the world and in private collections of different people.


Faig Ahmed has previously participated in festivals and meetings organized by VarYox. Within Khinalig project, which is currently a joint project of VarYox and State Tourism Agency, Faig will share his theoretical experiences with Khinalig community. We believe that artist’s in-depth knowledge of carpet traditions, as well as  combination of traditional carpet knowledge with  local population, will bring out new wonderful things. Throughout the project, Faig will also work closely with other artists and will take active participation in workshops.


  • Read the previous article written by American curator Leslie Gray about Faik Ahmed in the #Şəkilçəkən Series: Faig Ahmad.


Faiq Əhməd

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